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  • What do you mean by No frills?
    No fancy set up. Just a good pair of skilfully trained hands and our premium massage oil to indulge you in relaxation.
  • What do I have to prepare?
    Please prepare 2 bath towels.
  • Where should I have my massage?
    You may choose to have your massage on your bed or a mattress on the floor. If you wish to use our premium massage bed, please let us know prior to appointment. Additional charge applies.
  • What do I need to prepare if I add-on a massage bed or full set-up?
    Please allocate ample space at service location for the therapist to set up and move around the massage bed as well as electrical outlet for full set-up.
  • Can I use my own massage oil?
    Yes. Please let your therapist know that you prefer to use your own massage oil.
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