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About Us

What we do?

Wizard aims to take the stress out of hunting for help, by providing a vetted selection of services as well as coordinate multiple services for home owners.


Who we work with?

Our preference is to work with individuals and family-run businesses who have limited resources compared to the big names in the market. These smaller businesses often face difficulties in terms of operating costs and having a limited reach of customers, or inadequate advertising.

The idea was born after one of the company’s founders, Janet, called on the help of a handyman friend to correct some work carried out during her home renovation. Janet found out that this handyman- now one of Wizard’s service providers- was in a bad financial state; he was finding it difficult to get jobs given his limited resources. Keen to support these small service providers who were struggling to support their families, she joined forces with two other friends to found the business. The company was created to provide a comprehensive range of house-call services, and to help the community at the same time.


What’s on offer?

17 services listed, including handyman, plumbing, electrical, aircon servicing, gardening, massage therapy, baby-sitting, etc. Click here for full list. Wizard interviews all service providers and assesses their skills prior to accepting them, and feedback is encouraged from both the customers (via a job sheet, follow-up call and email), as well as the providers themselves.

Although it makes a point of assigning more jobs to those who are more in need, the providers also must have the competent skills to match, and near-zero complaints in their particular service. To maintain transparency of costs, for straightforward service such as home cleaning, home massage and regular air-con servicing, fixed prices are clearly stated on the website. For more complicated work, customers can send photos, or the service providers can carry out a physical assessment first and provide a quote (with a small sum levied to cover transport, if needed); this is particularly useful when you need to obtain approval for rental homes before engaging a service, whether you’re paying or they are.

Testimonials from Customers

Once we got our apartment and settled down, I felt that I wanted some time myself, so I started looking through expat community groups and magazines for recommendations for a part-time helper. I came across Wizard Home Services, whose cleaning and air-con services we’ve been using since July 2018.

I can’t compare them with other agencies as this is the only one I’ve used, but everything has been going well thus far! The company has met my needs, taking care of every detail our family requires, such as working around our schedules and following our preferred method of cleaning (not using chemicals). Lynn and Lisa clean our house twice a week and they’ve been very nice and honest. We really appreciate the job they do for us!

Maria Delmar

I’ve been using the services of Wizard for almost two years. I like the way they work, helping the providers to find employers. They take care not only of the quality of the service but also of the working conditions of the providers, being fair to everybody. I can very much recommend their services. Thanks, Sumirah, for helping to keep our house clean.

Beatriz, Bukit Timah

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