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Scum Off

Scum Off


Heavy-duty Spot Cleaner

•    Dissolve lime scale
•    Remove rust stains
•    Removes tough inorganic stains


Fast acting and effectively dissolve lime scale, rust marks and cuts through tough inorganic stains easily. 


Suitable for: Glass, wall, composite sinks, concrete, mosaic and stainless steel fixtures.


How to use:

Wear gloves and mask before application. Remove cap, insert the spray pump into the bottle. Turn the nozzle to the spray position. For lime scale removal, mist 3-5 inches away from surface, scrub and rinse off with water immediately. Wipe dry. Do not allow solution to sit for more than 2 minutes. For tough stains / rust marks, pour a small amount onto the area, scrub clean and rinse. Repeat if necessary.


Size : 500ml

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