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Clean & Sanitise

Clean & Sanitise



•    Sanitise surface
•    Safe on marble and hard surfaces

•    Rinse-free
•    Non-toxic

•    Safe on skin

•    Biodegradable


Multi-purpose cleaner effectively clean and sanitise surfaces, eliminating wide spectrum of bacteria.


Suitable for: Kitchen area, counter tops, bathroom, floor, ceramic tiles, stone tiles and any other hard surfaces.


How to use:

Dilute the Clean & Sanitise concentrate solution with water to the recommended dilution ratio into the empty spray bottle. Insert the spray pump into the bottle. Twist the nozzle to spray position. Mist 4-6 inches away from surface and wipe down with clean cloth. Repeat if necessary.


Recommended Dilution:

1:40  Spot Cleaning

1:80  General Cleaning


Clean & Sanitise concentrate dilutes 40x or more

Size : 500ml

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